Used EDWARDS iL600N #9072905 for sale

ID: 9072905
Dry pump.
EDWARDS iL600N is a compact, single phase, vertically suspended industrial pump that is suitable for many applications. It is specifically designed for use in industrial environments, such as factories and processing plants. It is capable of delivering high flow rates and up to 40 bar pressure, making it suitable for transferring liquids and gases quickly and efficiently. EDWARDS IL 600N is manufactured from cast iron, making it robust and reliable. In addition, it is also coated with a double-layer epoxy, making it corrosion and wear resistant. This allows for longer operating life in even the harshest environments. The design of the pump also allows it to be easily installed and serviced, reducing maintenance time and costs. IL600N operates with minimal vibration due to the presence of an integral non-return valve. This ensures quiet, stable performance and minimal fatigue to personnel or equipment near the pump. It is also equipped with an intelligent, low power consumption motor that can be adapted for different motor speeds, making it a highly energy efficient option. In terms of safety, IL 600N is fitted with a number of sensors and controls that provide various protections against overheating and overpressure. Additionally, it employs a manual reset overload system, allowing personnel to quickly respond to any problems that may arise. Overall, EDWARDS iL600N is a versatile and reliable pump option, designed to meet the demanding needs of modern industrial applications. It provides high flow rates, strong performance and superior durability, not to mention peace of mind in terms of safety. With its many features, EDWARDS IL 600N is an ideal solution for all your industrial pumping needs.
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