Used EDWARDS IL70 #146593 for sale

ID: 146593
Dry pumps.
EDWARDS IL70 pump is an industrial grade pump designed to move and circulate liquids in a variety of applications. This product features a robust construction, allowing for use in harsh conditions. EDWARDS IL 70 is a three-phase, air-cooled, external drive planetary gear pump. It has a flow rate of up to 30 gallons per minute, and a maximum pressure rating of 145 psi. It is designed to operate on voltage up to 208-230/460. IL70 is constructed with cast-iron for both the head and motor, providing good level of wear-resistance and durability. It is equipped with a built-in mechanical seal and a ceramic rotor, both of which ensure excellent levels of low-friction operation. The motor and pump are integrated, with a permanently lubricated main shaft bearing. IL 70 has an integrated four-speed transmission that offers several levels of speed control, allowing the users to customize its operation according to the application needs. The motor and the transmission are protected with an IP54-rated enclosure and a thermal overload relay system. EDWARDS IL70 pump has a hygienic design that makes it suitable for food and beverage applications, as well as certain chemical processes. It features a NEMA 4x PTFE-covered wetted surface, which resist chemical and UV degrading. EDWARDS IL 70 pump also has an additional shaft seal, which is designed to protect against hazardous liquid materials and prevent it from leaking out. It also has a 'dual-bearing' system, with a sealed bearing on the motor side for robust motor operation. Overall, IL70 pump is an industrial-grade pump built for demanding applications. It offers excellent levels of performance and reliability, with robust construction and hygienic design features. It can handle a wide range of liquids, including those in food and chemical processing, with its enclosed four-speed transmission providing added flexibility.
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