Used EDWARDS IL70 #156921 for sale

ID: 156921
Dry pump.
EDWARDS IL70 is a reliable, high-performance pump designed to maintain safe and consistent vacuum levels in a variety of industrial applications. The pump utilizes a specially designed oil-immersed motor to reduce friction and enhance performance, while delivering a long service life. It features a low-maintenance, brushless pump design that can be installed horizontally or vertically to better fit your needs. EDWARDS IL 70 is capable of producing a maximum pumping speed of 27 cubic meters per hour, allowing it to handle even the most demanding conditions. The unit features a four-stage induction motor, providing powerful and reliable performance. This efficient design allows the pump to use less energy to reach desired vacuum levels, reducing energy costs and improving energy efficiency. IL70 utilizes a double-seal equipment to keep the pump's system fluids completely clean and uncontaminated. This unit produces a leak-free vacuum environment, preventing air or vapor from entering the machine. It also helps to maintain vacuum levels within certain tolerances, making it ideal for medical, laboratory, and other clean room applications. Additionally, IL 70 features a self-lubricating design that reduces friction and wear. This pump is built with 17-4 PH stainless steel, offering superior corrosion resistance and durability. The unit is also equipped with integrated overload protection, preventing damage due to thermal overloads, mechanical overloads, or high current draw. Overall, EDWARDS IL70 is a reliable, high-performance pump that provides superb performance and low energy usage. The pump is well-suited for use in both clean room and industrial applications, offering superior protection from air and vapor, and superior protection from corrosion and wear. Its design with integrated overload protection makes it an ideal choice for maintaining safe and consistent vacuum levels.
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