Used EDWARDS IL70 #9072904 for sale

ID: 9072904
Dry pumps.
EDWARDS IL70 is a high-performance liquid ring vacuum pump designed for applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, petrochemical, and power industries. EDWARDS IL 70 is designed to provide reliable vacuum performance and low maintenance costs. It incorporates advanced oil-sealing technology to minimize oil and solids ingress, while delivering low sound levels and low energy consumption. IL70 features a compact but robust design, allowing for easy installation in the most adverse environments. It is available in steel or stainless steel construction, with optional corrosion-resistant stainless steel internals, and testing has demonstrated its resilience in a wide range of operations. IL 70 is suitable for pumping of corrosive, abrasive, solids laden and aggressive vapours. Its precision machined, tungsten-carbide mechanical seals are fitted for optimum performance. EDWARDS IL70 offers high vacuum performance up to 99.9% efficiency (dependent on fluid, viscosity and vapor load). Its liquid-ring vacuum technology enables reliable operation at pressure-differentials of up to 49.7mbar (abs) and flow rates up to 175m3/hr depending on model, with an outlet connection of up to 350mm. EDWARDS IL 70 is specially designed for power-intensive applications where noise reduction is essential. Its high-efficiency motor has an output power up to 175 kW, with options for speed, frequency and voltage, to provide up to 30% energy savings compared to conventional pumps. IL70 provides exceptional quality of vacuum suction for a wide range of applications. It is designed to be safe, with additional safety features, such as over-load protection, alarm and shutdown systems, to reduce downtime and increase reliability. IL 70 also has an intuitive control panel interface with an integrated display, providing real-time monitoring of all operational parameters. Additionally, EDWARDS IL70 is designed to be service-friendly, ensuring easy access to core components when needed.
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