Used EDWARDS iLS600N #167004 for sale

ID: 167004
Dry pump, 208V, with original box, P/N A533 36 445.
EDWARDS iLS600N is an advanced centrifugal pump designed for use in industrial processes such as chemical production and water filtration/purification. The pump is constructed out of durable stainless steel and hardened alloys, making it both corrosion-resistant and long lasting. The pump offers excellent flow and pressure characteristics, with a single stage, heavy-duty radial impeller and a highly efficient hydraulic design. The powerful motor has a maximum flow rate of approximately 520m3/hr, a head of up to 85m, and a maximum speed of up to 4.0m/s. It is suitable for high-pressure and large-scale pump applications, and its design reduces the running costs associated with energy consumption and maintenance. Additionally, the pump can be customized to meet the requirements of different processes, such as cooling and heating exchange, filtration, circulation, and other large-scale applications. Its advanced self-priming capabilities make it suitable for applications where the same water may be used multiple times. Furthermore, the pump is designed for easy installation and easy maintenance, with replaceable seals, bearings, and other components. The pump offers a range of features, such as its quick installation, adjustable capacity, low noise levels, and great reliability. ILS600N centrifugal pump is a great addition to any industrial system and provides excellent performance that will ensure operations run smoothly for years to come.
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