Used EDWARDS iPX 100 #137641 for sale

iPX 100
ID: 137641
Dry pumps, many available.
EDWARDS iPX 100 is a top of the range advanced fluid handling pump that provides precise, reliable and powerful performance. This pump is ideal for handling a variety of different liquids, including water, gas, chemicals and slurries. With advanced features such as a touch-sensitive display programmable speed settings and an optional digital interface, it also offers maximum flexibility and efficiency. This pump comes with an impressive maximum pressure of up to 10bar and can be operated over a wide range of temperatures. It features a corrosion-resistant alloy body, ensuring reliability even in harsh conditions and providing long-term protection against wear and tear. In addition, this pump is designed to be simple to use and maintain. Its simple interface and intuitive touch-screen interface allow users to easily configure and adjust settings, so minimal operator training is required. EDWARDS IPX100 offers a choice of motor technologies, including a permanent magnet synchronous motor and a brushless DC motor. This allows users to select the most suitable drive type for their needs, depending on the fluid and the speed required. For precise operation, the pump is also equipped with high resolution speed control, enabling it to perform highly precise operations. IPX 100 also boasts an impressive range of safety features, such as an anti-corrosion aluminum body, an overpressure relief valve, protection against overvoltage and water immersions, and a range of alarms and indicators. In addition, all the necessary parts and accessories - such as upstream and downstream piping, manifolds, and valves, are available to complete the installation. IPX100 is an ideal choice for pumping fluids in industrial and commercial applications, providing precise, precise and reliable operation, as well as excellent safety features. With its outstanding performance and advanced features, it is most suited to demanding process control and monitoring applications.
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