Used EDWARDS iQDP40 / QMB250 #9056231 for sale

iQDP40 / QMB250
ID: 9056231
Pump and blower.
EDWARDS iQDP40 and QMB250 are two reliable and robust diaphragm pumps manufactured by EDWARDS Vacuum Company. These models are suitable for installations in many industrial applications, from marine and automotive industries to food and beverage, paper and plastics, and medical applications. EDWARDS iQDP40 and QMB250 pumps feature a heavy-duty motor and direct-drive operation for durability and low-maintenance performance. With sophisticated IntelliStart technology, these pumps are able to detect start conditions for reliable, smooth operation. The sophisticated Silicon Carbide (SiC) seals allow for superior corrosion resistance against most acids and caustic solutions. EDWARDS iQDP40 and the QMB250 are both capable of flow rates up to 8.6 GPM (33 LPM). Both also offer Level System Protection (LSP) technology, which monitors rising motor temperature and eliminates short cycling to improve motor performance and reduce wear and tear on the pump. EDWARDS iQDP40 has an adjustable speed range of 3 to 4000 RPM, while the QMB250 has an adjustable speed range of 6 to 2000 RPM. EDWARDS iQDP40 is specially designed for applications requiring heavy-duty delivery of aggressive fluids, and features an enhanced back-pull-out design for easy repair or maintenance. EDWARDS QMB250 is motors according to IP55 protection class, allowing for use in wet operating conditions. Both EDWARDS iQDP40 and the QMB250 are equipped with suitable inlet and outlet ports allowing the connection of multiple sized standard piping, reducing the number of spare parts that need to be kept on hand. Both models are also equipped with standard electric motors, and higher power options are available upon request. Overall, EDWARDS iQDP40 and the QMB250 provide excellent performance and reliability in industrial applications. With superior operational and energy efficiency, low noise levels, and adjustable speeds, these models offer low operating costs in the long term. Backed by an extensive service network, these pumps provide reliable operation and peace of mind.
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