Used EDWARDS iQDP40 / QMB250 #9072891 for sale

iQDP40 / QMB250
ID: 9072891
Pump and Blower packages.
EDWARDS iQDP40 / QMB250 is a high performance dry pump designed for industrial applications. This dry-type pump is used to create vacuum conditions and is capable of achieving pressures as low as 10-4 mbar. It operates with direct drive electric motor technology and features advanced bearing design providing enhanced reliability and performance. EDWARDS IQDP40-QMB250 pump offers direct to discharge operation and is available in both air or water cooled versions. The motor is split-phase modular construction with directed external control of cooling air and can be mounted in any orientation. The precise gas ballast design allows for efficient utilization of gas at various pressure levels, while the patented Hybrid Technology reduces wear by utilizing both oil and lubricant-free operation. IQDP40+QMB250 features a wide range of applications including semiconductor fabrication, hazardous material handling, medical applications, freeze drying, distillation processes and other laboratory needs. In addition, IQDP40-QMB250 is designed for maximum safety and features features like a one-piece silicone bellow, vacuum relief valve, and advanced bearing design to ensure safe and reliable operation. This device is also designed with stainless steel construction, adjustable vacuum and pressure protected hose which minimizes downtime, and an integrated auto shutdown system for a wide range of applications. IQDP40 / QMB250 is an advanced and reliable dry pump designed for a variety of industrial applications. It offers direct to discharge operation, precise gas ballast design, and patented Hybrid Technology for enhanced reliability and performance. In addition, it features a one-piece silicone bellow, vacuum relief valve, stainless steel construction, adjustable vacuum and pressure and protection hose, and integrated auto shutdown system, all designed for maximum safety. EDWARDS IQDP 40 + QMB 250 is a reliable and safe pump designed for many industrial and laboratory applications.
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