Used EDWARDS iQDP40 / QMB250 #9096657 for sale

iQDP40 / QMB250
ID: 9096657
Pump Pumping speed: 310 CMH Ultimate Vacuum: 2 x 10-3 m/bar Inlet flange: ISO63 Outlet flange: KF40 Cooling: Water Voltage: Variable depending on your requirements Motor Power: 3.3 kW Accessories Available: Fitted with Harsh Gas Module. Can be frame mounted or directly mounted.
EDWARDS iQDP40 / QMB250 is a powerful, reliable, and energy-efficient pump. It is designed for use in the pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor, and general industrial manufacturing industries. EDWARDS IQDP40-QMB250 is an industrial process pump capable of pumping liquids at suction pressures up to 10 bar (145 psi). This is ideal for applications that require high-level liquid handling. The pump has a solid-state seal design reliable operation in harsh mediums containing solid particulate. IQDP40+QMB250 is equipped with a variable speed option, which makes it easy to adjust the speed of the pump to meet individual process requirements. This makes it suitable for a range of applications on-site or off-site. IQDP40 / QMB250 features a robust internal motor design that ensures reliable and trouble-free operation. The motor is IP55 rated and can be operated in a wide range of ambient temperatures from -10°C to +50°C (14°F to 122°F). The pump has an integrated internal water cooling system, which means that the pump can be operated in a continuous cycle at higher performance levels without any external cooling equipment. EDWARDS IQDP40+QMB250 is designed for easy maintenance and reliability. The service design ensures smooth and straightforward maintenance and has been designed to withstand extreme vibration. The pump is also designed for easy installation and features quick-connect hoses which makes it easy to install and maintain on-site. The pump has a smooth working cycle, no pulsation at any speed, and reliable and accurate speed control over a wide range of speeds. This makes it an ideal choice for pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor, and general industrial manufacturing applications. IQDP 40 / QMB 250 is compliant with the RoHS directive, which means that it is compliant with environmental regulations. In addition, the pump is also CE certified. Overall, EDWARDS IQDP 40 +QMB 250 is an efficient and reliable pump that is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Its smooth working cycle, reliable speed control, and easy maintenance make it an excellent choice for on-site and off-site installations.
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