Used EDWARDS iQDP40 #122611 for sale

ID: 122611
Pump, 208/460V, 36 cfm.
EDWARDS iQDP40 is a powerful, precision pump designed to handle demanding applications in the oil, gas, water and chemical industries. With a proprietary industrial grade gas handling technology, EDWARDS IQDP 40 pump is capable of delivering precise, reliable operations at pressures up to 40,000psi (2,800 bar). IQDP40 pump is designed for high performance, delivering high pressures and flows in any situation requiring transfer of compressed gas, liquid or gas/liquid mixtures. IQDP 40 is a reliable, efficient and cost-effective pump, offering a range of features to deliver optimum performance. It features a single-piston design that eliminates the need for piston rings and packing, and is self-lubricating and virtually maintenance-free, making it an ideal pump for long-term, sustained operations. EDWARDS iQDP40 features a pressure release valve, allowing for safe and efficient operation. EDWARDS IQDP 40 has a built-in electrical control panel with advanced features, such as an energy saving power saving mode and a motor over-load protection system. Its user-friendly control panel is easy to operate and includes a digital pressure gauge for convenient monitoring of the pump's performance. IQDP40 also features an advanced heat resistance valve for improved performance in high temperature applications and heavy industry operations. IQDP 40's robust cast iron construction is designed to withstand the harsh conditions and environments of the industries in which it is used. Additionally, the pump is built to provide protection against corrosion, vibration and pressure shock, offering an IP67 body protection rating and a strong moisture ingress protection rating of IPX5. EDWARDS iQDP40 pump is an incredibly reliable and durable pump, and its low-cost, high-performance design gives it an edge over other pumps on the market in terms of cost savings and longevity.
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