Used EDWARDS iQDP40 #146631 for sale

ID: 146631
Dry pumps, many available.
EDWARDS iQDP40 is a reliable and durable single-stage mechanical pump designed for use in industrial and laboratory applications. This dry pump has a powerful motor with a low noise level and an advanced air management equipment that allows for greater efficiency, reliability, and longevity. EDWARDS IQDP 40 is compatible with a range of gases and can accommodate a variety of inlet pressures and temperatures. This makes it suitable for a wide range of laboratory and industrial applications, including vacuum systems, exhaust systems, and semi-conducting applications. IQDP40 is equipped with an advanced air management system, which includes a multi-stage turbine with progressive compression. This provides the ability to maintain a high vacuum level even during periods of increased gas flow or inlet temperatures. The design of the air management unit also reduces pulsations and provides for a continuous, steady suction. In addition, IQDP 40 is designed to be maintenance-free, with self-lubricating materials and sealed roller bearings. EDWARDS iQDP40 is a high-efficiency pump that uses sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) as the active medium. Its patented separation technique optimizes the diffusion rate, allowing a high pumping speed. This reduces the risk of hydrocarbons in the exhaust. EDWARDS IQDP 40 also features an oil-free design which eliminates the need for oil changes and reduces the risk of cross-contamination. For safety and convenience, iQDP40 is designed to automatically shut off the pump if the inlet pressure exceeds the design limit. Additionally, the pump is equipped with a filter to protect the motor from harmful particles and to ensure safe operation. The pump also comes with an electronic on/off switch, which can be used to manually control the operation of the pump. IQDP 40 is an ideal solution for a variety of applications, with its reliable performance and low noise levels. With its low maintenance design, easy operation, and advanced air management machine, EDWARDS iQDP40 is a great choice for industrial and laboratory applications.
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