Used EDWARDS iQDP40 #9072889 for sale

ID: 9072889
Dry pumps.
EDWARDS iQDP40 is a powerful, reliable, and robust mechanical vacuum pump designed for demanding industrial applications. This pump is a great choice for processes that require consistent performance with excellent ultimate pressure. With a pumping speed of 45 liters per second (L/s) or 1100 liters per minute (L/min) and an ultimate pressure of 60 mbar, EDWARDS IQDP 40 is perfectly suited for general industrial use. IQDP40 pump is capable of operating in a wide range of temperatures and media, making it an excellent choice for any industrial process. The durable construction includes ingress protection to IP54 and a wide range of electrical protections and approvals that allow it to be suitable for most environments. A reliable and durable carbon-ceramic mechanical seal is built in, allowing efficient and uninterrupted operation in dynamic applications. The design of IQDP 40 includes an adjustable air flush connection, allowing an operator to regulate the quenching of the bearings in the pump. This adjustment extends the life of the bearings by providing a proper cooling effect. Additionally, the pump is designed to filter out particles down to one micron, thus eliminating any contamination from entering the pump or being introduced into the vacuum pumping process. EDWARDS iQDP40 has an integrated variable-speed fan for quieter and more responsive operation. The pump is also equipped with a digital DIP switch for optimized settings and adaptable settings to accommodate any pumping application. An internal pressure gauge allows for easy monitoring and control of the pressure, while a 24V AC/DC power connection allows for a wide range of options on how the pump is powered. EDWARDS IQDP 40 is designed for easy maintenance and is built with robust components to provide years of reliable service. It uses low power consumption to help reduce energy costs, while its advanced protection systems will keep the pump running longer without needing maintenance. It is also RoHS Compliant and UL listed. The solid construction of iQDP40 pump also includes self-lubricating bearings for reduced wear and tear, thus extending the life of the pump. In conclusion, IQDP 40 is a powerful, reliable, and robust pump designed for many industrial applications. With its adjustable air flush connection, extended bearing life, adjustable speed fan, 24V DC/AC power connection, and easy maintenance characteristics, EDWARDS iQDP40 is an excellent choice when searching for an industrial pump that can deliver consistent performance and high ultimate pressure.
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