Used EDWARDS iQDP40 #9095986 for sale

ID: 9095986
Dry pump.
EDWARDS iQDP40 is a reliable and precise pump developed by EDWARDS, a high-quality leader in offering cost-effective pumping solutions that are both energy-efficient and long lasting. EDWARDS IQDP 40 is a direct-drive, integrated vacuum pumping systems. It combines a Rotary Vane pump with powerful direct-drive motor in one integrated unit, offering superior space and cost savings. Its direct-drive motor provides variable speed control, enabling better performance and quieter operation. This vacuum pump contains a vacuum-optimized inlet design, helps increase pumping speed and efficiency, and is engineered for continuous operation in higher rotational speeds. IQDP40 is built in accordance with the highest industry standards and suppliers, providing uncompromised quality and reliability. Its intuitive design eliminates the need for expensive control systems, allowing it to be easily incorporated into a variety of applications. Additionally, IQDP 40 is robust and suitable for hostile process environment and it offers unmatched endurance that is perfect for extended life cycle and long-term reliability in situ. Overall, EDWARDS iQDP40 is a user friendly and robust pump that keeps your processes reliable by ensuring efficient, long-lasting and cost-effective performance. It delivers superior efficiency, fast delivery of pumped fluids and excellent resistance to contamination and wear, making it ideal for any number of applications. Furthermore, EDWARDS IQDP 40 is leak-resistant and has a strong dynamic load capacity and reliability, making it an ideal choice for many industrial applications.
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