Used EDWARDS iQDP40 #9096345 for sale

ID: 9096345
Dry Pump OEM Part No: iq13-11-004 (208V) iq13-11-007 (415V) Pumping speed: 44 CMH Ultimate Vacuum: 5 x 10-2 m/bar Inlet flange: ISO40 Outlet flange: KF40 Cooling: Water Voltage: 208 or 415 Motor Power: 1.1Kw Accessories Available: Gas Modules, QMB Boosters.
EDWARDS iQDP40 is a dry-running diaphragm pump, designed by EDWARDS Vacuum, for use in ultra-high vacuum systems. It is built with an advanced design philosophy to ensure excellent performance and operational reliability. The physical features of the pump incorporate a stainless steel housing that provides a robust and stable platform for use in environments where peak temperatures reach over 1000°C and system pressures below 100 millibar. An integrated pressure controller and digital display accurately monitor the operating conditions and enables fine tuning to ensure maximum operating efficiency. The features of the pump include the isovacuum principle, which is used to achieve superior pumping speed even at high pressures. A double-diaphragm design with an O-ring seal is implemented to provide exceptional stability and tightness. The motor is an oil-filled two-stage motor that has a three-phase winding, providing the pump with tremendous operational stability. The dual-brushless motor drives the dual-diaphragms directly, eliminating the need for direct wear parts and resulting in high power output and unparalleled efficiency. EDWARDS IQDP 40 takes safety into consideration by featuring robust and reliable safety sensors and shutoff switches that are integrated within the protective housing. These safety devices ensure that the pump is kept functioning within a safe range of parameters and provide an early warning system when approaching excessive vacuum or pressure levels. IQDP40 is incredibly small in size, allowing it to fit in the tightest of spaces, making it an attractive choice for laboratory and industrial settings. It is ideal for use in small-scale production, laboratory, and research applications that require precise control of either pressure or vacuum levels. IQDP 40 is designed with precision and quality in mind and is fully backed by the commitment to provide superior customer service and technical support.
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