Used EDWARDS iQDP80/iQMB1200 #156544 for sale

ID: 156544
Dry pump with booster Clean vacuum with no backstreaming Integrated sensors Pump and motor temperature sensors.
EDWARDS iQDP80/iQMB1200 is a multi-stage pumps used in commercial and industrial applications. It is designed to provide a high flow rate while maintaining a low head loss. It is designed to perform in demanding environments, providing reliable and consistent performance over a wide range of operating conditions. The pump is driven by an air motor and is capable of handling a variety of fluids including slurries and other abrasive materials. The iQDP80/iQMB1200 features an efficient seal-less configuration and is capable of generating pressures up to 25 Bar (362 PSI). Its vertical design ensures that the pump is capable of operating at high temperatures, and its open impellers are capable of performing at low suction levels. The pump's stainless steel curves minimize wear and its integral vibration monitoring system ensures safe and reliable operation. Additionally, the motor can be easily reversed or separated from the pump for maintenance purposes. The iQDP80/iQMB1200 is a dry-running pump with an air/water/gas breakdown voltage of 154V/60 Hz. Its air curtains are made of durable elastomeric material that provides excellent noise and vibration reduction, further enhancing performance. Additionally, the pump is designed to meet the highest standards of reliability and efficiency, helping to reduce environmental pollution. The iQDP80/iQMB1200 is designed for use with a wide range of liquids, gases and slurries. It can be easily adapted to different applications and settings as its design ensures scalability and a flexible configuration. The pump offers several advanced features such as self-priming, pressure regulation, and precise flow control. It is also equipped with additional safety features such as a pressure gauge, temperature monitoring, and low level shutoff. Overall, EDWARDS iQDP80/iQMB1200 is a reliable, high-performing and efficient pump for a variety of industrial, commercial and research applications. Its air motor design ensures durability and long-lasting service life, while its integrated safety features help to ensure safe operation. The iQDP80/iQMB1200 makes for an easy to integrate component with its flexibility and scalability, making it an ideal choice for a variety of industrial, commercial and research applications.
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