Used EDWARDS iQDP80 / QMB1200 #176386 for sale

iQDP80 / QMB1200
ID: 176386
Dry pumps with blowers.
EDWARDS iQDP80 / QMB1200 pump is an advanced vacuum pump designed with an integrated controller and advanced diagnostics, designed to produce quality vacuum environments and deliver extremely reliable operation in multiple applications. This dry pump has no oil or gas to leak and is an efficient, low-maintenance choice for efficient vacuum systems and processes. EDWARDS IQDP80/QMB1200 is a high-performance diaphragm-sealed vacuum pump that delivers outstanding performance with a maximum working pressure of 150 mbar (1.5 kPa). The intuitive touch screen display provides real-time pressure control and dynamic performance data for improved process control. The pre-installed controllers provide a five-level sub-vacuum range for improved results in a range of processes, from receiver pressure control to chemical vapor deposition. IQDP80 / QMB 1200 is designed for durability and efficient operation with an integrated refrigeration equipment and cooling jacket to control operating temperature. Active cooling helps maintain operation at high temperatures, while an automatic purging system removes any excess moisture. The lubrication unit is designed to reduce operating costs and lower maintenance intervals by using generic oil or synthetic oil instead of specialized lubricants. EDWARDS IQDP 80 / QMB 1200 is equipped with a voltmeter, altimeter, and interlock machine for improved safety, as well as an alarm indicator providing warnings of any faults and further diagnostics via a user-friendly interface. The integrated software also allows for remote alarm and control, enabling a secure connection to the pump over wireless or wired networks. IQDP80 / QMB1200 also provides a low-noise operation for improved workplace conditions. The advanced-diagnostic technology of IQDP80/QMB1200 can cut costs and promote efficiency by providing performance-calibrated vacuum profiles, allowing detailed process optimization via highly accurate vacuum tracking. The intuitive screen also provides a comprehensive view of operational data, allowing users to access and analyze instrument performance to optimize performance and anticipate maintenance requirements. Overall, EDWARDS IQDP80 / QMB 1200 vacuum pump is a high-performance vacuum pump designed to deliver reliable operation, excellent performance, and efficient results to promote quality, efficient vacuum processing.
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