Used EDWARDS iQDP80 / QMB250 #9098664 for sale

iQDP80 / QMB250
ID: 9098664
Pump and blower package Hand pad with exhaust included Currently on a pallet and wrapped.
EDWARDS iQDP80 / QMB250 pump is an advanced high-performance pump that has become a popular choice for numerous industrial and medical applications. The pump is designed to provide superior performance and hydrocarbon-free protection in any application. Manufactured by EDWARDS Vacuum, EDWARDS IQDP80/QMB250 offers exceptional value and modular flexibility as it can be adapted and customized for a variety of applications. At the heart of IQDP80+QMB250 pump lies its rotary vane technology, which ensures reliable, low-vibration, and quiet operation. This technology allows for a range of operating options including variable speed control, integrated probe/coolant ports, and soft start capabilities. The pump's 8 m3/hr (47.65 m3/hr) open-flow performance and a maximum vacuum of 1.3 x 10-3 mbar make it suitable for a range of industrial and technical applications. IQDP80 / QMB250 also features advanced features designed to protect against system damage and reduce maintenance needs. Its rugged enclosure is designed to provide superior protection from debris, and its internal fan is designed to keep the motor cool and reduce the potential for permanent damage. The pump is designed to use an ultra-low-noise fan, significantly reducing the sound output when running. In addition to rugged durability and quiet operation, IQDP80/QMB250 boasts field-friendly serviceability. The pump can easily be repaired and serviced, and is equipped with a separate spare parts reservoir and an auto-disconnect for quick maintenance. EDWARDS has also designed the pump to be easily configured for a variety of applications. The pump can be fitted with additional accessories such as an end plate, a muffler, a motor support, and other modifications to meet tailored requirements. EDWARDS IQDP 80 +QMB 250 pump is an excellent choice for industrial and technical applications. Its durable and reliable design, energy efficiency, and quiet operation make it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications. With its long service life, it is an affordable and trusted option for any vacuum pump need.
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