Used EDWARDS iQDP80 / QMB500 #161742 for sale

iQDP80 / QMB500
ID: 161742
Dry pumps and blowers.
EDWARDS iQDP80 / QMB500 is a powerful and highly reliable pump that is designed to meet the diverse and demanding needs of industrial and scientific applications. It is ideal for medium to large-scale pumping with stable flows of up to 83 lpm and a maximum pressure capability of 17 bar. This powerful pump comes with an intelligent, easy-to-use interface and boasts an intuitive graphical display with clear, large readouts of pump parameters, making it ideal for monitoring and controlling equipment conditions. EDWARDS IQDP80/QMB500 has a rugged construction and boasts an extended dynamic operating range, making it well suited for applications that have stringent process requirements including cryogenic and high-temperature transfers. It features an integrated cooling system and low-pressure compression for improved reliability and process flexibility, along with a wide selection of output modes and valving capabilities. Additionally, the pump is capable of supporting local and remote communications, allowing users to monitor and diagnose unit problems or to quickly adjust the pump's parameters remotely, eliminating the need for manual intervention. IQDP80+QMB500 is designed to offer superior performance and reliability even in the harshest conditions, thanks to its advanced protection machine that monitors the internal temperature and pressure of the pump and provides automatic protection to avoid damage or tool failure. Additionally, the pump is designed with an overload mode that ensures continuous operation while recovering from an overload situation, promoting reliable, consistent performance. IQDP 80 + QMB 500 is a powerful and reliable solution for medium to large-scale pumping applications and is well suited for a variety of applications and demanding environments. With its user-friendly interface, extended dynamic range, intuitive graphical display, advanced protection asset, and overload protection capabilities, EDWARDS IQDP80+QMB500 provides superior reliability and performance for industrial and scientific processes.
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