Used EDWARDS iQDP80 / QMB500 #9072895 for sale

iQDP80 / QMB500
ID: 9072895
Pump and blower packages.
EDWARDS iQDP80 / QMB500 is an advanced close-coupled liquid ring vacuum pump with a free-air displacement of up to 500 m³/h. This oil-sealed, rotary piston pump offers superior performance for both industrial and scientific requirements. Its low ultimate pressure of 33 mbar and maximum working pressure of up to 10 bar makes it highly suitable for a wide variety of applications, from wastewater evacuation to chemical/pharmaceutical processes, vacuum distillation, and other evaporative procedures. EDWARDS IQDP80/QMB500 is designed with a simple, compact footprint and features a combined mechanical and hydraulic suspension system that ensure superior vibration absorption for smooth, consistent operation. This, coupled with the high volumetric efficiency of its mechanical design, makes it capable of delivering exceptionally low-noise and low-vibration performance. This vacuum pump is powered by two and four-pole asynchronous electric motors. It runs on a standard voltage of up to 400 volts, and is equipped with a thermal protection switch that will shut off the pump in the event of over-temperature. IQDP80+QMB500 is further equipped with a self-aligning mechanical seal and a water-to-oil oil-cooler, ensuring that its operational temperature remains stable and reliable. EDWARDS IQDP80+QMB500 has many features that make it user-friendly and well-suited for a wide range of industrial processes. Its external cooling line helps to reduce the pump's temperature, while the integrated oil sight glass and oil drain port make maintenance and servicing simple and easy. All of its parts are made from high-grade steel and aluminum, ensuring maximum durability. IQDP 80 / QMB 500 is also designed with an integrated, adjustable gas ballast valve that allows the user to adjust the operating pressure of the vacuum pump according to their needs, while also limiting the condensation of vapors. Along with its wide range of excellent features, EDWARDS IQDP 80 / QMB 500 offers excellent pump versatility and superior performance.
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