Used EDWARDS iQDP80 #157385 for sale

ID: 157385
Vintage: 2002
DryStar Vacuum pump Specifications: Ultimate Vacuum of 1x10-2 (mbar) or 7.5x10-3 (Torr) with a displacement of 64.7 ft3min-1 NW40 outlet connection ISO 63 bolted inlet connection 0.4 liter oil capacity Power: 208V 62.6A 65,000 AIC 3Ph/60Hz 2002 vintage.
EDWARDS iQDP80 is a reliable and high-performance vacuum pump designed for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. This diaphragm pump features a range of features designed to optimize productivity for its users. EDWARDS IQDP 80 operates with a range of adjustable control parameters, enabling it to accommodate any given process. It also features an in-built diagnostic system that provides detailed performance data while also providing feedback on any issues that may arise. IQDP80 is powered by an efficient, motor-driven diaphragm pump. This allows it to delivery consistent and reliable results, while its low power consumption generates substantial savings in energy costs over run time. It runs at high speed, with a dampening system that reduces vibration, to produce a reliable and low noise operation. The pump has a high tolerance to contamination too, with a self-cleaning design that ensures it runs smoothly. This pump also has a high flow rate, providing up to 80 cubic feet per minute of reliable and efficient pumping. This makes it well suited for many industries, such as pharmaceuticals, clean manufacturing and medical industry. The flow rate can also be easily adjusted in a range of 0.2 to 2 cubic feet per minute, again providing the necessary level of control and flexibility. IQDP 80 has been designed for easy maintenance and service. A wide range of compatible parts are available to extend its longevity, as well as further optimize its performance. It also features a range of diagnostic displays and alarm systems to provide feedback on problems or to alert users if EDWARDS iQDP80 is suffering from any amount of wear and tear. It also benefits from a self-diagnostic routine that can be triggered at any point during operation. EDWARDS IQDP 80 is a robust and reliable pump ideal for a range of industries where reliable and efficient pumping is required. Its adjustable controls and unique self-cleaning design provide great flexibility, while its low noise and vibration characteristics allow it to be used in noisy or failure-sensitive environments. Its outstanding performance and diagnostic capabilities also set it apart from other pumps available, making it a great option for any user looking for a reliable and high-performance pump.
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