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ID: 161740
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EDWARDS iQDP80 is an advanced precision vacuum pump that offers reliable and efficient performance, with low maintenance and high levels of output vacuum. This high-performing device has a direct driven rotary vane with a single phase operating mode, so it can be easily integrated into current production systems. Additionally, EDWARDS IQDP 80 features a brushless DC motor with anti-corrosion parts, creating an ideal environment for reliable and personal operation. IQDP80 is designed to provide optimal performance with variable intake capacities and a wide range of displacement rates. It features precise control, with the ability to select and govern both speed and vacuum pressure, with fully adjustable setpoints. It has a variable speed drive (VSD) for accurate performance at any desired setpoint, as well as an easy-to-use graphical user interface that allows users to adjust N+1, PID, overtemperature, and other components. In order to achieve top performance, IQDP 80 incorporates advanced technologies such as proportional integral derivative (PID) and 'Intelligent Offset Control'. PID and 'Intelligent Offset Control' help the pump to maintain precise control of vacuum pressure at each set point, even under fluctuating levels of ambient noise and load. This ensures consistent and reliable performance to meet a wide range of applications. EDWARDS iQDP80 also has an hourly run timer, for long-term operation in continuous vacuum. Monitoring is conducted through the "IQ Monitor," so users can easily track performance and get warnings from multiple sources, including the computer or panel, and the LCD screen. This device also works with a door switch protection system, to keep the user safe from any kind of damages. EDWARDS IQDP 80 is the perfect solution for accurate and continuous vacuum performance. Its advanced design and features make it highly efficient for commercial and industrial uses. This precision vacuum pump offers efficient, reliable and closely controlled performance, with low maintenance needs and a long lifespan.
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