Used EDWARDS iQDP80 #174285 for sale

ID: 174285
Vacuum pump with QMB 1200 blowers Does not include gate valves.
EDWARDS iQDP80 is a high performance, powerful, rotary vane pump that is designed to provide efficient operation in a wide range of applications. The combination of advanced control technology and design features, including a parallel port that provides effective data communications and integration with customers' systems, make EDWARDS IQDP 80 an ideal choice for many industrial and commercial process applications. IQDP80's powerful motor and well-built construction make this pump an ideal choice for applications where high capacities, increased reliability and long service life are essential. It is designed to offer exceptional value for money, long-term performance and dependability. This pump is designed with a two-stage single-stage construction that provides a high compression ratio. This feature ensures efficient compression of process fluid and minimizes maintenance needs. IQDP 80 has an 8-inch diameter with a symmetrical rotary vane, which helps to increase volumetric efficiency and reduce power consumption. The high-efficiency motor is designed to run cooler and quieter than most other pumps in the marketplace. It is designed to operate with little or no vibration and has an integral continuous duty bearing that minimizes wear and increases pump life. EDWARDS iQDP80 is equipped with advanced control technology, which helps to maximize efficiency and minimize maintenance requirements. The precision-machined index disk increases reliability, accuracy and repeatability and supports data control protocols such as Data Guard, which help to protect against unauthorized access to critical process parameters. EDWARDS IQDP 80 is also certified to meet CE and UL safety standards and comes with CE, IEC and CSA certifications. IQDP80 has a stainless steel housing and all exposed surfaces are treated to prevent corrosion, ensuring a long and safe life for the pump. This efficient, reliable and powerful pump is designed to meet the needs of many commercial and industrial process applications. IQDP 80 offers excellent value for money, long-term performance and dependability, making it an excellent choice for many applications.
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