Used EDWARDS iQDP80 #176412 for sale

ID: 176412
Dry pump with QMB 1200 booster package Harsh duty system gas module.
EDWARDS iQDP80 is an extremely reliable, high-performance diaphragm pump designed by EDWARDS, a leading provider of scientific instruments and vacuum solutions. It is a dry-running, oil-free, direct-drive diaphragm pump that offers superior air handling capability and ISO 2923 Class 4 ultimate vacuum performance of 0.7 mbar in a compact, space-saving design. EDWARDS IQDP 80 offers a unique combination of low vibration, high performance, and low sound level, making it a great choice for sophisticated environment applications. IQDP80 is specifically designed for OEM and laboratory use, with a range of features that include integral controller, vacuum integrity pressure switch, direct-drive motor, and closed-loop control. Additionally, the pump features an advanced user-friendly control menu for convenient operation and programming. The pump is equipped with a patented rotating collar that allows users to adjust the speed of the motor without compromising performance. The direct-drive motor further improves air handling capability while reducing power consumption and motor noise. This motor also serves to reduce maintenance by eliminating the need to replace the pump oil. IQDP 80 is constructed with a stainless steel frame, ensuring durable, long-lasting performance and operation. The double-wall construction helps protect the pump from thermal and acoustic emissions, making it suitable for even the most sensitive environment applications. Additionally, the pump features low temperature drift, enhancing reliability and performance in a variety of aggressive applications. Overall, EDWARDS iQDP80 is an ideal choice for applications requiring an optimum combination of optimal performance, low sound level, low power consumption, and maximum reliability. The innovative design makes installation and operation extremely user-friendly, and its high-tech features make it a great choice for sophisticated environment applications.
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