Used EDWARDS iQDP80 #9092157 for sale

ID: 9092157
Dry pumps.
EDWARDS iQDP80 is a high-pressure centrifugal pump designed for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. EDWARDS IQDP 80 combines an efficient, reliable, and whisper-quiet operation with the latest in engineering and technology. Built with the highest-grade components, iQDP80 is an exceptionally tough and dependable pump option for all types of high-pressure applications. This pump allows for sustained and efficient operation with its four-stage impeller design. Its four-stage design is optimized to promote smooth and efficient water and gas flow. Moreover, IQDP 80 is engineered with radial and axial force-bearing components made of aluminum alloy, making the pump lightweight and dependable. EDWARDS iQDP80 is also built with a flexible coupling in between the motor and the shaft, creating a synchronized drive system and extending the life of the motor. EDWARDS IQDP 80 centrifugal pump is fitted with its own sophisticated onboard controller, allowing the user to customize their pump settings for optimal performance. This controller unit contains a range of features, including an adjustable speed setting, timer, and various safety and alarm functions. Moreover, the controller unit interfaces with the pump via a digital interface, allowing users to monitor the performance of the pump in real-time. This pump also offers maximum protection against potential mechanical, thermal, and hydraulic failure. An adjustable anti-cavitation valve and an integrated thermal overload protection system are built into the pump to ensure that iQDP80 is always operating at peak performance. IQDP 80 centrifugal pump is ideally suited for a wide variety of high-pressure applications, making it an ideal choice for industry professionals and commercial operators. With its efficient operation and lightweight design, EDWARDS iQDP80 is designed to make the tough jobs easier. As a tough and reliable producer of premium pressure, EDWARDS IQDP 80 centrifugal pump is a reliable part of any robust liquid-handling operation.
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