Used EDWARDS iXL500Q #9068113 for sale

ID: 9068113
Pumps, 208V.
EDWARDS iXL500Q is a high-performance, oil-sealed rotary vane pump ideal for a variety of vacuum applications. It features excellent ultimate vacuum performance and low ultimate backing pressure, with an ultimate vacuum of 0.5 mbar. This makes it the ideal choice for applications requiring a high ultimate vacuum, such as coating and surface treatment applications. Furthermore, EDWARDS IXL 500Q has an excellent vapor handling capability due to its advanced sealed chamber design, which prevents oil vapors from entering the environment and discharging from the exhaust line. IXL 500 Q also offers excellent pumping speeds and excellent self-priming capability. It is capable of pumping a variety of gases and vapors, and features a special anti-suckback system which prevents reverse flow into the chamber when the pump is stopped. In addition, iXL500Q is equipped with a built-in safety feature which prevents overpressure conditions in the vacuum chamber, making it an ideal choice for applications where safety is a paramount concern. EDWARDS IXL 500 Q has a robust construction, and is available in an array of sizes and configurations to suit the needs of the user. Its advanced design provides excellent reliability, and the motor is equipped with Dry Running Protection, so it can run continuously for long periods of time without any interruptions. This ensures peace of mind for the user, and allows for improved productivity when working with this pump. Furthermore, it is also designed for easy installation and maintenance, and the parts are readily available for any necessary repairs. IXL 500Q is an ideal choice for a variety of vacuum processes, such as coating, degassing, and desiccating. It is a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for any vacuum application, and provides excellent performance with minimal risk of downtime. Furthermore, it is capable of handling a variety of pressures and temperatures, making it suitable for a range of applications, such as research, analysis, and manufacturing processes. Overall, EDWARDS iXL500Q is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable, high-performance pump.
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