Used EDWARDS L70 #147560 for sale

ID: 147560
EDWARDS L70 is a liquid ring pump produced by EDWARDS Engineering Corp. It is designed for industrial applications requiring high-efficient and reliable vacuum systems. The pump is powered by a direct drive motor and is capable of delivering continuous operation up to 25 millibar (mbar), or 325 millimeters of mercury (Hg). The device is an energy-efficient solution for reducing energy consumption in process operations. It is available in two models, the single-stage and the dual-stage. The single-stage model is equipped with a single-stage impeller that is capable of creating high-efficiency suction and pressure. The double-stage model offers higher suction and pressure capabilities, as well as increased throughput and increased capacity. L70 can be installed and operated in either horizontal or vertical configurations. Additionally, the pump features adjustable speed control and a built-in safety shut-off valve. The pump assembly is made from alloy steel components and has integral, oil-filled motor bearings providing high-load operation. The body and components are coated to resist corrosion and other harsh environmental elements. EDWARDS L70 is ideal for use in extreme temperatures and wet, dusty, or corrosive environments. The pump also features a flanged-joint construction for quick installation and improved control. A wide range of connections are available for attachment of additional components, such as vacuum gauges, valves and other accessories. The motor has an IP54 protection rating and features overload and temperature protection. The pump is also compatible with a wide variety of control systems, including analog and digital systems. Due to its durability and reliability, L70 is suitable for a wide range of professional, industrial and commercial applications, including the printing and paper production industries, life science and healthcare, the food and beverage industry and the automotive industry. It is an optimal choice for applications that require reliable, efficient and low-maintenance operation.
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