Used EDWARDS / LEYBOLD VDF32 #152790 for sale

ID: 152790
Vacuum system Consists of: EDWARDS / LEYBOLD DP100P pump for TEOS CVD LEYBOLD Ruvac WSU-1000 blower THERMOVAC TM 21/22 controller HVA gate valve 11214-0401R Pump run time: 18280-0 Process time: 3634-25 Specifications: 100P vacuum pump: Part # E13874 Pumping speed: 100 m3/h Ultimate pressure: 1 x 10^-2mbar Maximum exhaust pressure: 1500 mbar Utilities: 3-phase, 200-208VAC, 15A, 60Hz Rotational speed: 3600 RPM.
EDWARDS / LEYBOLD VDF32 is a variable displacement rotary pump which is capable of running at speeds up to 32,000 rpm. It can be used for vacuum applications and offers superior performance compared to other pumps on the market. Its simple design ensures low maintenance and cost-effective operation. The pump is powered by a vacuum driven motor which is capable of running with both AC and DC power sources. Its displacement is adjustable and allows for efficient control of the air pressure within the system. This feature is especially useful for delicate and fragile materials. The motor's efficient design also minimises energy consumption, saving both time and money. EDWARDS VDF32's rugged construction ensures it can withstand the rigours of a taxing application. Its stainless steel impeller ensures maximum efficiency and ensures durability in continuous operation. The bearings are designed to guarantee a high level of performance and reliable operation. The pump also comes with various control options which enable it to be used in various applications. These include choices between manual and automated control, auto start/stop, monitoring and operation of the equipment, and monitoring of parameters such as inlet pressure, vacuum level, inlet temperature and motor speed. In addition to its superior performance, LEYBOLD VDF32 requires low maintenance costs and has a built-in protection system to prevent contamination and noise. Its small size and weight also make it easy to install and transport. Overall, VDF32 is an ideal choice for demanding vacuum applications where superior performance and reliability is important. Its one-of-a-kind design provides users with the reliable and efficient operation they need, whilst also saving time and money due to its low energy consumption and low maintenance costs.
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