Used EDWARDS LR1L25 #9096886 for sale

ID: 9096886
Pump Part No: A75004985 Displacement: 25m3/hr Vacuum: 33 m/bar Inlet connection: BSP Female Socket Outlet connection: BSP Female Socket Motor power: Bareshaft (0.75kw).
EDWARDS LR1L25 is a high performance, oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump which utilizes a combination of critical combinations of effective components to create a vacuum. This vacuum pump is designed for use in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. LR1L25 is moisture-resistant, with the ability to be used in humid environments. This makes the pump easier to maintain and far more reliable compared to similar competing models. The construction of the pump is well-balanced and provides a level of robustness and dependability that has become synonymous with EDWARDS brand. The pump is powered by a 15HP three-phase induction motor, with an integrated fan to assist with cooling. It features a vacuum range of 0.3-25 kPa and a peak pumping speed of 9.6 m³/h. The maximum inlet pressure of the motor is 1 mbar. EDWARDS pump is CE compliant and features an IP55 rating for dust and water ingress protection. The body of the pump is made up of stainless steel, while the inlet and outlet ports feature resilient oil seals. These seals ensure that the pump is kept sealed to maintain an efficient vacuum. The inlet and outlet ports are also surrounded by spring-loaded diaphragms that ensure that any overpressure is effectively vented to avoid a dangerous build-up. EDWARDS LR1L25 comes equipped with an integrated oil separator, which ensures that any oil residue is effectively flushed away and does not become entrapped within the pump housing. The oil separator is also designed to reduce the effect of oil vapour on the vacuum, ensuring a clean and consistent output of air from the pump. Finally, the pump is designed with a low vibration level that is reduces to as low as 43 dB. This ensures that it produces minimal noise pollution, making it ideal for use in enclosed or sensitive spaces where noise has to be kept to a minimum.
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