Used EDWARDS LR1M125 #9096888 for sale

ID: 9096888
Pump Part No: A75029936 Displacement: 120 CMH Vacuum: 33 m/bar Pressure: N/A Inlet connection: ANSI Outlet connection: ANSI 3kw 380/415V 3 Phase.
EDWARDS LR1M125 is a dry running rotary vane vacuum pump, specifically designed for use with oil-less diaphragm pumps. This rotary vane pump is able to operate at pressures of up to one hundred and twenty five millibars (1.125 mbar) without the need of an external oil source. This unique feature, combined with a maximum working temperature of eighty degrees celsius, makes LR1M125 suitable for applications within the life science, analytical, and bioprocess industry sectors. EDWARDS LR1M125 has a built-in electric motor driving a single stage, oil-less diaphragm pump. This electric motor provides the necessary power for LR1M125 to vacuums of up to one hundred and twenty five millibars (1.125 mbar). EDWARDS LR1M125 utilizes a carbon vaned-face to provide a smoother, quiet operation, whilst providing stronger suction and high pressures. The carbon vaned face is constructed from thin layer of high-grade carbon to provide a strong, durable and wear-resistant surface. This carbon material also acts to reduce vibration levels and provide energy efficiency. LR1M125 is also equipped with a pressure drop regulator, which can be adjusted according to the specific application's needs. This feature helps to ensure that the pump does not overpressurize the vacuum chamber, helping to protect the pump from premature failure and damage. However, even with this pressure drop regulator in place, it is imperative to ensure that all valves, tubes, and joints are adequately fastened, in order to maintain proper airtightness. EDWARDS LR1M125 is also equipped with a built-in thermal switch, and stainless steel safety doors with safety locks, providing complete protection whilst in use. The thermal switch acts to protect the pump motor by sensing when the motor is overloaded and manually stopping the pump. Similarly, the safety doors act to protect the user by automatically locking when the motor is running, and can only be opened once the motor has been safely shut off. Finally, all models of LR1M125 are certified by various independent laboratories, providing complete assurance of quality and safety when operating the pump. In addition, EDWARDS LR1M125 is also certified to carry out underparticle air quality testing, making it the ideal choice for many sensitive applications. Overall, LR1M125 offers efficient and highly reliable operation for those looking for a reliable, oil-less rotary vane vacuum pump, coupled with an array of safety features to protect the user from potential risks.
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