Used EDWARDS LR2S1250 – Bareshaft #9096889 for sale

LR2S1250 – Bareshaft
ID: 9096889
Pump Part No. A75154986 Displacement: 1250 CMH Vacuum: 33 m/bar Pressure: N/A Inlet connection: ANSI Outlet connection: ANSI Motor power: 37kw.
EDWARDS LR2S1250 - Bareshaft is a state-of-the-art, single stage, bareshaft centrifugal process pump designed to meet today's industrial pump requirements. With its high efficiency, close operating clearances, and special alloy base materials, the LR2S1250 is an ideal choice for your highly viscous or abrasive mediums. The LR2S1250 is specifically designed to deliver high-pressure and greater heads than the typical single stage centrifugal pump. This is all made possible by its unique impeller design, which allows the effective flow of viscous or abrasive fluid applications. The LR2S1250 is driven by a heavy-duty, single stage, Radially Split Casing motor. This motor is rated up to 150 hp (112kW) and is equipped with a standard 18.5 kW (25 hp) NEMA service factor. Its efficiency rating of up to 95.2% indicates that it can easily deliver maximum energy to your liquid of choice — no matter how heavy or viscous. The LR2S1250 is fitted with a robust radial split casing for superior support of its high-speed rotating parts. This casing is made to endure the rigors of challenging fluid applications, and is made out of special alloy material to resist corrosion, wear, and other wear-and-tear. One must also take note of the LR2S1250's seals and packing design. These are critical components of any pump, and the LR2S1250 sports an advanced mechanical seal that uses a single-piece face designed to prevent oil leakage. To top that off, the pump is fitted with several sealing options, ranging from the standard mechanical seal to an advanced teflon-coated sleeve. Finally, the LR2S1250's performance is aided by its close-tolerance impeller designs. This ensures that the pump can handle the toughest liquids without compromising on performance. All of these components work together to deliver an exceptional pumping package for a variety of applications. In conclusion, EDWARDS LR2S1250 - Bareshaft is a dynamic and powerful all-in-one centrifugal pump solution that combines its unique design with robust construction to deliver the best performance for highly viscous or abrasive fluids. Its advanced seals, casing materials, and impeller designs deliver the optimum performance required for those tough liquids.
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