Used EDWARDS MK II #126828 for sale

ID: 126828
Automatic pumping system Two KF25 4 way collars BRV-25 Backing/Roughing valve.
EDWARDS MK II Pump is a rotary vane vacuum pump known for its smooth, reliable operation and excellent performance. It is built with an efficient design to create a higher pumping capability with low energy consumption. MK II pump is a great choice for laboratory and industrial applications requiring a continuous, maintenance-free vacuum supply. EDWARDS MK II has a rugged design which is resistant to harsh environmental conditions and is sealed from possible contamination. This robust design also makes the pump durable and able to withstand heavy-duty use. The pump can be easily serviced and parts can easily be replaced with minimal downtime. MK II features a patentedvane design which helps to create steady airflows, reducing vibration and noise while increasing efficiency. To further reduce energy costs, the pump is designed to operate at lower temperatures and pressures than other pumps of its kind. This helps to keep the pump in optimal working condition and reduce pressure and temperature-induced break-downs. EDWARDS MK IIhas a user-friendly design with an ergonomic handle for easy transportation and positioning. The large inlet filtration system helps prevent clogging and is easily removable for quick cleaning. Additionally, the pump can be equipped with an integrated exhaust filter to reduce noise levels even further. TheMK II has a superior vacuum performance and a low ultimate pressure of 20mbar, making it a good choice for conventional vacuum pump applications. The pump has a high volumetric flow rate of 45m3/h and is compatible with different types of fluids. Its rugged design and high performance make this pump suitable for a range of industrial and laboratory applications. EDWARDS MK II is highly reliable and is built to operate continuously without needing to be shut down or serviced. It is easily maintained and parts are easy to replace. With its low energy consumption, high performance, and reliable operation, MK II Pump is an excellent choice for lab and industrial applications.
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