Used EDWARDS nEXT240iD #9097027 for sale

ID: 9097027
Pump Pumping speed: 240 lit/sec Inlet flange: ISO100 Backing connection: KF25 Minimum size backing pump: 10 CMH Cooling: Water or Air Controller not included.
EDWARDS nEXT240iD is a single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump designed to provide consistent, low-maintenance performance and reliable operation in a wide range of industries and applications. It is designed with a specifically tuned rotor profile and a unique bearing equipment to deliver superior pump performance. It has a displacement capacity of 240 liters per minute (L/min) with an ultimate pressure of 50 mbar and a maximum inlet pressure of 1000 mbar. In addition to its impressive performance, nEXT240iD is also designed for convenience. It is equipped with a service-free filter element which is replaceable in seconds, an integrated motor management system and a built-in controller with LED display. EDWARDS nEXT240iD is constructed of durable cast aluminum body material for outstanding reliability and durability. An integrated gas ballast unit improves resistance to chemical contamination and condensation, and an integrated configuration and motor management machine provides automatable protection from burn-out. The compressor is driven by a single-phase, 2.8 kW motor with a 400 Hz frequency. It is designed to run smoothly and quietly, with a frequency response of 400 Hz. NEXT240iD has a maximum speed of 7200 rpm and operates with a noise level of 67 dBA. To ensure optimal performance, EDWARDS nEXT240iD is equipped with quick-connect couplings for convenient installation, an integrated motor management tool for automated protection, a replaceable filter element for easy serviceability, and an exhaust gas temperature (EGT) sensor for monitoring motor temperature. The compressor also includes an integrated control panel with a functional LED display, making it easy to monitor various status conditions, set start/stop parameters, and troubleshoot issues if necessary. Overall, nEXT240iD is a reliable, low-maintenance pump designed for outstanding performance and efficiency in a variety of industrial and laboratory applications. Its single-stage design offers superior performance, while the integrated motor management asset ensures long-lasting protection from burnout. In addition, EDWARDS nEXT240iD's service-free filter element, easy installation, and intuitive control panel with LED display make it easy to use and maintain.
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