Used EDWARDS QDP40 / QMB250 #145982 for sale

QDP40 / QMB250
ID: 145982
Pump and Blower package, 36.7cfm Fomblin / Krytox versions available.
EDWARDS QDP40 and QMB250 pumps are a range of high capacity industrial pumps designed for applications that require reliable and consistent liquid transfer. These pumps are designed for versatility, with a wide range of applications for both clean and dirty liquids. EDWARDS QDP40 pump is a large capacity self-priming centrifugal pump with a wide flow range. This versatile pump is engineered for reliable operation, using a heavy duty steel construction, and a reliable direct drive. The pump has a maximum flow rate of 75 m ³/h and a maximum head of 50 m, and features adjustable impeller speed control to match performance to requirements. The impellers are made of high grade material and feature stainless steel shafts and stainless steel connectors. The centrifugal design of the pump also offer excellent efficiency, which helps reduce energy costs. EDWARDS QMB250 is a smaller centrifugal pump designed for water transfer, drainage and lower flow rate applications. This pump is robust, constructed from corrosion resistant thermoplastic, and features a stainless steel shaft for long lasting operation. The epoxy coated cast iron impeller gives maximum efficiency with minimum wear and tear. The pump has a flow rate of 25 m ³/h and a maximum head of 10 m, and is suitable for water, acid and alkaline solutions. It also features adjustable speed control, providing the option to match performance to specific requirements. Both EDWARDS QDP40 and QMB250 pumps come with a wide range of options, such as mechanical or PLC controls, suction/discharge connections, and float switches to prevent over-preservation. They are simple to install, maintain and operate, with low noise levels and high safety performance. They are available in manual or automatic operation, giving users total control over the operation of the pump. Both pumps are also supplied with industry standard warranties, providing additional protection for peace of mind. EDWARDS pump range features a robust design and reliable performance, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications. They provide efficient liquid transfer for both clean and dirty liquids, with easy to use controls and adjustable speed settings to suit every situation.
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