Used EDWARDS QDP40 / QMB250 #146636 for sale

QDP40 / QMB250
ID: 146636
Dry pump and booster packages, many available.
EDWARDS QDP40 and QMB250 are powerful and reliable vacuum pumps used in a variety of industrial and scientific applications. The pumps are designed to create high levels of vacuum with a low ultimate pressure. The QDP40 is capable of achieving an ultimate pressure of 2.5 x 10-3 mbar, while the QMB250 can reach pressures of 1.5 x 10-3 mbar. The pumps feature an integrated cooling system, allowing them to operate at a consistent temperature while in use. EDWARDS QDP40 and QMB250 are oil-sealed rotary pumps, meaning they are hermetically sealed and use a rotating mechanism to create a vacuum. The pumping stages utilized in the pumps create a powerful yet noise-efficient vacuum. The pumps also feature an adjustable speed motor, allowing for an increased flow rate and higher levels of vacuum. The QDP40 and QMB250 are equipped with multiple sensors and are capable of monitoring the temperature, pressure, current, and vacuum levels. Additionally, an integrated analogue signal output is available for monitoring purposes. The pumps also feature two ports, allowing for the direct connection of process lines and vacuum chambers. In terms of sustainability, both pumps feature extended service intervals, allowing for up to 8000 operating hours before routine maintenance is required. The design of the pumps is also durable and resistant to corrosion, which increases the lifespan of the product. Overall, EDWARDS QDP40 and the QMB250 are powerful and reliable vacuum pumps with a low ultimate pressure and adjustable speed motors. The pumps feature multiple sensors, allowing for monitoring and regulation of the vacuum levels. With a durable design and extended service intervals, EDWARDS QDP40 and QMB250 are ideal for industrial and scientific use.
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