Used EDWARDS QDP40 / QMB250 #9072890 for sale

QDP40 / QMB250
ID: 9072890
Pump and blower packages.
EDWARDS QDP40 / QMB250 is a low-maintenance diaphragm pump commonly used in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and analytical laboratory applications. It has a rugged, one-piece construction and non-metallic wetted parts for safe and efficient operation. This pump is capable of handling pressures up to 35 psig (2.4 bar) and flows up to 250 ml/min with a range of adjustable flow rates. The control mode can be adjusted manually or set to a constant flow rate using the optional automation control. It also features an integrated pressure gauge which can be used to monitor and control the pressure of the system. QDP40 / QMB250 consists of a motor, diaphragm, valves, and a drive mechanism. The motor provides the power to move the diaphragm, which creates a pressure that pushes fluid through the valves. The diaphragm and valves are constructed of PTFE, which provides a good seal and excellent corrosion resistance. The drive mechanism ensures the diaphragm claps in an even and timely manner. The diaphragm is sandwiched between two ¼" thick PTFE plates with a disc to create the pressure. This pressure allows for controlled and precise flow of the fluid in a closed loop system. EDWARDS QDP40 / QMB250 is designed with a three-way valve with a constant cross-sectional area to ensure smooth operation at all pressures. The user can easily adjust the output pressure and flow rate using the adjustable handle on the motor. QDP40 / QMB250 is a self-lubricating diaphragm pump, eliminating the need for additional lubrication. It is capable of pumping a wide variety of liquids and gases at high pressure and can be used in either batch or continuous processes. The pump is ideal for laboratory applications, such as chromatography, finding, and fluid transfers. It is also well-suited for high viscosity liquids and provides excellent chemical compatibility. To ensure reliable performance, EDWARDS QDP40 / QMB250 has a built-in pressure relief valve to protect the system from over-pressurization. The unit is also designed for easy maintenance and servicing. It has an easily accessible drive mechanism and is equipped with simple seals which can be removed for quick and easy repair and maintenance. QDP40 / QMB250 is an efficient and reliable pump which is suitable for a wide range of laboratory applications. It is designed to provide consistent performance with low maintenance and can be adjusted easily to meet various flow and pressure requirements. This pump is an ideal solution for any laboratory process requiring precise and reliable pumping.
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