Used EDWARDS QDP40 / QMB500 #9096659 for sale

QDP40 / QMB500
ID: 9096659
Pump Part No: Variable depending on set up required Pumping speed: 505 CMH Ultimate Vacuum: 2 x 10-3 m/bar Inlet flange: ISO100 Outlet flange: KF40 Cooling: Water Voltage: 208 or 415 V Motor Power: 4.4 kW Accessories Available: can be frame mounted or directly mounted.
EDWARDS QDP40 and QMB500 models are high-performance, high-efficiency pumping systems designed for applications that require efficient transfer, compression and evacuation of a variety of gases and liquids. EDWARDS QDP40 is a dry-running, single-stage, direct-drive pump that uses advanced helical-lobe design and air purge technology to deliver reliable, constant performance over a wide range of process conditions. EDWARDS QMB500 is a multi-stage pump with a liquid-ring design that provides efficient and economical operation with low vibration and quiet noise. Both models have been designed to offer exceptional performance and an extended service life. EDWARDS QDP40 is designed with an advanced 'helical-lobe' rotor, powered by a single electric motor, to increase the throughput, reduce vibration and ensure smoother operation. The single-stage direct-drive pump features an air purge for improved vacuum generation and superior operational efficiency. EDWARDS QMB500 is a cost-effective two and three-stage pump equipment that takes into account multiple applications and process conditions and provides reliable, quiet and efficient performance. Equipped with mechanical seal technology, both EDWARDS models provide superior performance and zero compromises in terms of working conditions and pressure regulation. Additionally, an integral integrated oil pump and reservoir ensures a reliable filtration system and minimal maintenance costs. Moreover, the advanced 'Vacuum Impulse Cooling' unit is designed to control heat and air-loss within the machine, leading to long and efficient use. EDWARDS QDP40 and QMB500 models offer the perfect solution for a wide-range of applications, such as refrigeration, process control, chemical processing and vacuum generation. Both models also feature a straightforward installation, can be set up and adjusted quickly, and are easy to maintain. EDWARDS QDP40 model offers a maximum free air displacement of 68.8 m3/hr and a maximum pressure of 6 bar, whilst the QMB500 can provide a maximum free air displacement of 325.6 m3/hr and a maximum pressure of 53 bar. Both EDWARDS QDP40 and QMB500 models are ideal for applications requiring maximum performance and optimum efficiency in a variety of diverse environments. These high-performance pumps are packed with features including air purge and advanced oil pump filtration systems; offering superior reliability, extended performance and low maintenance requirements.
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