Used EDWARDS QDP40 #122618 for sale

ID: 122618
Pumps, 208/480V, 36 cfm.
EDWARDS QDP40 is a high capacity, robust pump designed for continuous duty operations. It features intelligent operation with a wide range of control options, including external and internal reset, slow start/stop, speed control, and remote control. Engineered for low capital cost, it is a high performance pump with a long service life. With a wetted materials capacity of 1/3 HP and a maximum operating pressure of 250 psi, EDWARDS QDP 40 is capable of pumping high-viscosity fluids, tough to handle gases and electrolytes, and various fluids in general-purpose pumping applications. The pump is powered by a 1,100-rpm permanent magnet motor and is capable of delivering up to 40 liters/minute, with a maximum flow rate of 150 liters/minute. The pump is self-priming and capable of continuous, dry runs. It is also suitable for air-lift applications due to its low optimum submergence depth of only 115 mm. With an integral check valve, QDP40 pump prevents reverse flow and is ideal for fluids with suspended particles in it. This robust pump can handle up to 12.5% total dissolved solids (TDS) at 1,000 cP and is designed for 24/7 operation. The pump's construction features a heavy-duty bearing housing composed of a robust, single piece cast iron design for superior strength and vibration control. This enables it to be installed in submersible applications and is also constructed with a built-in oil pump for lubrication. QDP 40 is configured with a self-contained cooling loop for protecting the motor from thermal overload. This self-contained lining also provides resistance to chemical attack due to the inherent ability of the Kynar® fluoropolymer lining to resist corrosion from a wide range of acids, alkalis and even alcohols, making it a truly universal chemical pump. EDWARDS QDP40 is also fitted with measurement monitoring outlets, enabling the operator to track pump performance without opening the casing. Additionally, it is available with upgraded sealing options, including double-mechanical seals and carbide coatings to reduce wear caused by dry running, and a stainless steel impeller to reduce the risk of corrosion. Overall, EDWARDS QDP 40 is an efficient and reliable pump, engineered for greater longevity with the versatility and convenience required by many applications. It has demonstrated excellent performance in harsh or hazardous environments and is an excellent choice for chemical pumping and processing.
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