Used EDWARDS QDP40 #146637 for sale

ID: 146637
Dry pumps, many available.
EDWARDS QDP40 is a high-performance, oil-sealed pumping system designed for a wide range of advanced industrial, research and commercial applications. EDWARDS QDP 40 features a compact, single-stage, dry-running pump head with an achievable ultimate vacuum of 0.5 mbar. The ability to quickly achieve base pressure, combined with a flexible integrated controller, guarantees repeatable and reliable pulsation-free pump-down results. QDP40 is both light and robust, allowing for easy handling and installation within restricted space environments. The pump replacement module has a unique feature that includes a silent operation mode, allowing for both direct and remote connections for monitor and control. The advanced direct-drive motor system with variable speed output offers lower operating noise and greater energy efficiency, with minimal maintenance over a good operating life. QDP 40 makes use of non-contact air gap bearing technologies which ensure safe, maintenance free operation and provide a steady platform for quality vacuum control. The pumps advanced sealing technology is designed to last up to five times longer than conventional pumps, with minimal wear and tear. EDWARDS QDP40's integrated digital controller allows for on-demand vacuum levels to be maintained, while advanced safety features include overload protection, low-flow operation, high and low temperature protection, and overpressure protection. This ensures operational safety and minimizes the risk of unexpected and uncontrolled shut downs. EDWARDS QDP 40 is an exceptional, reliable and robust pumping system. Its unique combination of innovative technologies and advanced engineering enables reliable and continuous vacuum performance for a wide range of advanced industrial, scientific and business applications. With easy installation and maintenance, QDP40 provides a reliable and reliable operation for any vacuum application.
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