Used EDWARDS QDP40 #9056222 for sale

ID: 9056222
Pump Includes QMB250.
EDWARDS QDP40 is a robust and reliable mechanical pump used in a variety of industrial settings. This device is capable of providing a high flow rate of up to 40 liters per minute and is designed to work efficiently in difficult pumping conditions such as high temperatures or with a high vapour load. This powerful pump is constructed using durable rigid materials such as stainless steel and heavy-duty aluminium, providing maximum protection against wear and tear as well as providing effective protection against corrosion and leakages. The whole unit is pre-assembled and features a robust heat-treated steel alloy shaft which ensures maximum performance. The load bearing components such as the transmission housing, coupling, and motor/impeller mounting are all made of stainless steel and the other mechanical components are made of carefully selected materials to provide maximum durability as well as offering reliable trouble-free operation. EDWARDS QDP 40 is powered by a robust multi-pole motor, which delivers a high power output at low speeds. This pump is capable of being operated against considerable discharge pressures and is designed for use in pumped systems requiring higher pressure and flow-rates. The motor runs at very low operating temperatures, making it suitable for use in even the harshest environments, and is supplied with integrated mounting feet for easy installation. QDP40 is an excellent pumping choice as it offers reliable and consistent performance. The unit's heat dissipation system includes the use of a gas turbine for cooling, which offers superior performance compared to other pumps available. It also features a fully sealable volute which helps reduce downtime due to leakage. QDP 40 comes with various additional features including double mechanical seals for increased durability, a non-metallic coupling element to reduce wear and tear and improved noise reduction properties. It is this combination of features that make EDWARDS QDP40 an ideal choice for demanding industrial applications and its low total cost of ownership and dependable long-term performance make this pump an invaluable asset within a wide range of industries.
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