Used EDWARDS QDP40 #9076699 for sale

ID: 9076699
Dry pump AMAT PN: 3620-90091 Fomblin fill Standard N2 box Exhaust pressure module Exhaust check valve. Not included: Acoustic skins Electrical power box.
EDWARDS QDP40 pump is an industry-leading automated vacuum pump designed to create controlled, clean environments while conserving energy and decreasing maintenance requirements. This vacuum pump is designed to provide maximum efficiency and reliability, making it ideal for laboratory and industrial applications. EDWARDS QDP 40 utilizes a powerful drive motor and integrated direct drive equipment to achieve superior vacuum performance. It comes equipped with an incorporated gas ballast valve, insulating fluid, and adjustable speed control. The integrated design of QDP40 maximizing its performance and ensuring a reliable operation. The sub-atmospheric pumping performance of QDP 40 is achieved by a combination of a rotary vane technology and an efficient direct drive system. It combines a two-stage rotary vane design with a direct drive unit, which allows it to achieve single-stage performance. EDWARDS QDP40 also utilizes an innovative air-cooled bearing machine to maximize its reliability and increase the life span of the pump. EDWARDS QDP 40 is designed with advanced energy saving technologies to reduce the energy consumption of the unit by decreasing the operating temperature. The built-in internal temperature controller allows operators to monitor and adjust the operational temperature of the pump. This increased efficiency of QDP40 reduces energy bills and operation costs. The exterior of QDP 40 is designed with an aluminum alloy casing and durable polypropylene construction to provide superior protection against damaging environmental conditions. Additionally, EDWARDS QDP40 is designed with a service-free filter tool which alone helps prolong the life of the pump. EDWARDS QDP 40 is equipped with an integrated LCD touch screen panel that allows users to monitor and adjust parameters, such as the operating temperature, gas ballast, and the speed control setting. The LCD panel also displays any service messages and alerts about maintenance requirements. QDP40 is highly reliable and easy to install and maintain. Its convenient design ensures pumps can be serviced quickly and easily without having to open up the unit. This reliable, energy-conscious vacuum pump is the ideal choice for any laboratory or industrial setting.
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