Used EDWARDS QDP40 #9096030 for sale

ID: 9096030
Dry pump.
EDWARDS QDP40 is a robust and reliable single-stage diaphragm pump developed and built by EDWARDS Vacuum. This air-operated diaphragm pump is designed for handling both low and high viscosity fluids with particles up to 18mm in size. It offers excellent volumetric flow and pumping pressure at a wide range of differential pressures. A wide array of components and features make this pump perfect for applications in a variety of industries including chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage processing, printing and paper industries. EDWARDS QDP 40 is available in two sizes, the 12 inch and 15 inch pumps. It has a maximum pumping rate of 60 liters per minute, which is ideal for a range of pumping applications. The unit is capable of working at a wide range of differential pressures, ranging from 0.45 bar (6.5 psi) to 8 bar (118 psi). This makes it perfect for applications at large volume applications where high pumping pressure is required. The pump has a stainless steel housing and a corrosion-resistant diaphragm seal in order to provide robust performance and excellent reliability. QDP40 also allows for adjustable pumping speed to match different flow requirements. This feature makes the pump extremely versatile and allows switching between low and high viscosity materials with ease. Additionally, the pump is designed with self-venting valves, which allow the maximum pressure at the outlet to remain constant without the need for setting a minimum pressure. Incorporating a range of features for reliable and trouble-free operation, QDP 40 is an outstanding diaphragm pump for a wide variety of applications where fast and reliable pumping is required. The robust design also ensures maximum reliability in harsh working conditions and makes the pump perfect for both clean and dirty fluids. With features like adjustable pumping speed, stainless steel construction and corrosion-resistant diaphragm seals, EDWARDS QPD40 is an excellent choice for a wide range of industrial applications.
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