Used EDWARDS QDP40R #9087610 for sale

ID: 9087610
Vacuum pump.
EDWARDS QDP40R is a compact, efficient and reliable rotary pump designed for professional vacuum applications. This pump is ideal for industrial processes such as drying, degassing, gas sampling, coating processes, filtration and many more. It is capable of producing ultimate vacuum pressures down to 1 x 10-4 mbar with an ultimate vacuum speed of 40 liters per second. This performance combined with its ultra-compact form factor make it an ideal choice for a broad range of vacuum applications. QDP40R is a five-stage TriScroll pump that provides high performance in a variety of conditions. It includes a patented TriScroll technology that enables this pump to operate with extremely quiet and low vibration levels. The unique design provides a high pumping speed over a wide range of pressures, which makes it an ideal choice for applications where a constant process vacuum is required. EDWARDS QDP40R is designed for dependability and ease of operation, featuring a reliable, direct-drive motor with a mechanical seal to ensure a solid, hermetic seal. This unit also features a wide range of accessories for ease-of-installation and quick connection to the vacuum applications. The simple user interface allows for easy set up and fast control of the pump. QDP40R offers excellent reliability, as well as robust construction. The fully optimized lubricant flow system allows for efficient operation and lower running temperatures. It also features air cooled electronics, an anti-surcharge valve for maximum tolerances to pressure spikes, and an integrated safety switch for safe operation. EDWARDS QDP40R is a powerful and reliable pump that offers reliable performance and ease of use in a variety of vacuum applications. Its compact size and high ultimate vacuum speeds make it an ideal choice for commercial and industrial vacuum processes. Its dependable construction, performance, and user-friendly design make it suitable for use in many industries, from high-precision processes to everyday commercial applications.
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