Used EDWARDS QDP80 / EH500 #145983 for sale

QDP80 / EH500
ID: 145983
Blower package.
EDWARDS QDP80 / EH500 is a high-performance liquid pump designed by EDWARDS Vacuum to provide reliable and accurate solutions for a variety of industrial applications. This diaphragm-less mechanical pump is capable of handling a wide range of liquids, including water and aggressive fluids such as acids and bases, thanks to its corrosion-resistant materials. QDP80 / EH500 pump features a few key components. The main body is composed of stainless steel and features a single-stage centrifugal impeller which maximizes flow rate and suction ability. A powerful DC motor powers the impeller, allowing for high flow rates and high suction lift even in the most demanding environments. The pump also features an automated priming system which eliminates human intervention, allowing for consistent and hassle-free operation without operator fatigue. EDWARDS QDP80 / EH500 is capable of producing a maximum flow rate of 80 liters per minute and a maximum pressure of 500 mbar. The pump can also be configured to maintain a steady flow rate, even under demanding conditions, by adjusting the motor speed. This allows the pump to juggle dynamic flow requirements, providing the customer with a more reliable and efficient process. QDP80 / EH500 is suitable for use in a variety of industrial operations, including industrial cooling, wastewater and chemical transfer, laboratory applications, and general industrial processes. With its robust construction and modern features, the pump is also capable of handling high-viscosity fluids such as glycol and oil with minimal maintenance. In addition to its excellent performance characteristics, EDWARDS QDP80 / EH500 pump also features a low power consumption, reducing the cost of operation. As a further cost-saving measure, the pump comes with an integrated thermostat, allowing the customer to monitor and adjust the pump's efficiency during operation. QDP80 / EH500 is also equipped with a wide range of monitors which allow the customer to monitor operating conditions, minimize downtime, and optimize efficiency. Overall, EDWARDS QDP80 / EH500 is an efficient and reliable pump that is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. It is built with high-quality materials and equipped with the latest in monitoring and control technology, making it a cost-effective, reliable, and maintenance-free solution for a variety of industrial needs.
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