Used EDWARDS QDP80 / QMB1200 #146639 for sale

QDP80 / QMB1200
ID: 146639
Dry pump and booster packages.
EDWARDS QDP80 / QMB1200 is a high-performance vacuum pump that can be used for a variety of industrial and laboratory needs. It is capable of providing up to 8 mbar of ultimate vacuum, while maintaining a wide range of pumping speeds and ultimate vacuum levels. It has a robust, 10-horsepower drive equipment, and a wide-range of advanced features and options. QDP80 / QMB1200 is equipped with a high-flow, low-vibration 10-horsepower motor. It offers multiple inlet and outlet connections for integrating into existing systems. Its unique design provides improved noise reduction, greater efficiency, and higher performance than many other pumps. This allows for extended maintenance and downtimes. EDWARDS QDP80 / QMB1200 has a uniquely designed dry-running pumping chamber which reduces the risk of unintended condensation of air. The powerful motor helps maintain the chamber and ultimate vacuum over a wide range of pumping speeds, and the chamber can easily be accessed for maintenance. The chamber is hermetically sealed, eliminating the need for periodic lubrication. The flexible exhaust system of QDP80 / QMB1200, allows operators to adjust the parameters to optimize vacuum operation. This unit reduces the risk of overheating, while reducing overall oil and particulate emissions. With the help of its integrated oil-feedback machine, the oil level can be easily monitored, and controlled. EDWARDS QDP80 / QMB1200 is a high-performance pump. It provides high ultimate vacuum levels and wide range of pumping speeds. Its improved noise reduction levels, efficiency and performance, and extended maintenance and downtimes, make it an ideal choice for any industrial or laboratory application. The integrated oil-feedback tool provides improved control over oil flow, as well as peace of mind. With its hermetically sealed chamber, no lubrication is required, making it a cost-effective solution for many applications.
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