Used EDWARDS QDP80 / QMB250 #146654 for sale

QDP80 / QMB250
ID: 146654
Dry pump and booster packages.
EDWARDS QDP80 / QMB250 is a high-performance rotary vane pump specifically designed for applications that require high vacuum levels but do not require large volumes of air. The pump is suitable for medium to high vacuum applications such as those involved in chemical vapor deposition, distillation, freeze drying, rotary evaporation, sublimation, and many other industrial and scientific processes. The pump consists of a single stage, four-blade rotor and two carbon-graphite vane pumps which are driven by a high-torque motor. The rotor is dynamically balanced and runs in an oiled cast iron body that has been potted for vibration dampening. The pump is rated for pressures up to 100 mbar inlet and 250 mbar exhaust. The pumping speed is 800 litres per minute (l/min) and the maximum allowable vacuum is 7.5 x 10-3 mbar. EDWARDS QDP80 QMB250 is designed for continuous use with a maximum of 10 hours on time and 20 minutes off time. The pump features a constructed so that it does not require oil changes, making maintenance simpler. An automatic thermal protection system protects the motor from temperature changes and in-built vacuum indicator allows for easy monitoring of vacuum levels during operation. The pump also includes a gas ballast valve that can help to minimize oil exhaustion. QDP80 / QMB250 is a reliable and efficient rotary vane pump that can provide years of trouble free service. With an impressive pumping speed and maximum allowable vacuum, the pump is ideal for many applications, particularly those that require a high level of vacuum but not large volumes of air. The pump has been designed with convenience in mind and is easy to maintain, making it a popular choice for all sorts of industrial and scientific applications.
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