Used EDWARDS QDP80 / QMB250 #9096617 for sale

QDP80 / QMB250
ID: 9096617
Pump Part No:Variable depending on Set up Required. Pumping speed: 310 CMH Ultimate Vacuum: 2 x 10-3 m/bar Inlet flange: ISO63 Outlet flange: KF40 Cooling: Water Voltage: 208 or 415V Motor Power: 6.2 kW Accessories Available: can be frame mounted or directly mounted,gas modules,acoustic enclosure,electric box.
EDWARDS QDP80 / QMB250 is an advanced high-performance pump and vacuum equipment that is designed to provide efficient and reliable operation for a wide range of applications. EDWARDS QDP80 QMB250 is equipped with two oil-free scroll pumps, making them capable of reaching a maximum pumping speed of 2500 l/min. The motor is capable of reaching speeds of up to 30,000rpm, with an ultimate vacuum of 0.1 mbar. QDP80 / QMB250 is also equipped with a range of features that make it an ideal choice for cleanroom, laboratory, medical, and industrial environments. EDWARDS QDP80 / QMB250 has an exceptionally compact design, and its low-pressure sealed bearing construction ensures minimal maintenance and improved performance over time. The system also boasts a wide range of control and safety features that allow for precise pressure and flow control. The unit includes an inlet pressure gauge to monitor the inlet pressure, as well as a pressure transducer that can be used to monitor motor speed. The pump also includes an integrated cold trap to remove any moisture from the pump. In addition, the machine includes various safety features, such as a mechanical overload protection, a vibration monitoring tool, and an emergency shutdown mode. QDP 80 / QMB 250 is equipped with built-in monitoring capabilities that allow for remote monitoring and control of the pump. It has a built-in analogue output module, which can be connected to a PC or PLC for real-time monitoring. The asset also features a graphical display that can be accessed through a web browser, giving users the ability to control and monitor multiple functions remotely. The model can also be connected to an Ethernet or RS-232 interface, allowing even more precise control. QDP80 / QMB250 is designed for low noise operation. It is equipped with a high-efficiency rotor, which minimizes vibration and allows for improved acoustic insulation. The rotor also incorporates a noise attenuation equipment, reducing noise levels to at least 75 dB(A). The system's integrated cooling fan provides efficient cooling and ventilation, ensuring consistent performance and longevity. Overall, QDP80 QMB250 is an advanced high-performance pump and vacuum unit that is built to provide efficient and reliable operation for a wide range of industrial, laboratory, and medical applications. Its advanced features, such as the inlet pressure gauge, pressure transducer, safety features, and built-in monitoring capabilities, make this pump an ideal choice for any demanding applications.
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