Used EDWARDS QDP80 / QMB500 #9072894 for sale

QDP80 / QMB500
ID: 9072894
Pump and blower packages.
EDWARDS QDP80 / QMB500 is a robust rotary vane dry pump designed for use in a wide variety of industrial vacuum applications. It is ideal for laboratory and medium-scale production processes where the highest-quality vacuum performance is required, and for working under higher suction pressure. The pump is designed to be reliable and durable with a high degree of efficiency and performance over an extended period of time. EDWARDS QDP80/QMB500 is capable of long-term operation with minimal maintenance and downtime. It features a reliable, corrosion-resistant exterior and a strong, efficient motor. The pump has a built-in safety system to ensure that motor loading and vibration do not exceed the manufacturer's design limits, resulting in a longer service life and a lower risk of damage. QDP80+QMB500 is also equipped with a number of advanced features, such as an automatic air/water separator, motor speed regulation, and variable frequency operation to maximize efficiency. QDP80 / QMB500 is designed to deliver a precise, powerful, and consistent vacuum performance. It offers a high level of performance with a maximum pumping speed of 80 cubic meters per hour (cubic mL/min) and a maximum operating pressure of 500 millibar (mbar). The pump is also designed to minimize noise levels, making it suitable for installations in laboratories and assembly lines. EDWARDS QDP 80 / QMB 500 is equipped with a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to install and transport. The compact size also makes it ideal for use in close quarters. EDWARDS QDP80+QMB500 has a maximum power rating of 70 kilowatts (kW), a maximum inlet pressure of 5 bars (bar), and a maximum absolute pressure of -500 millibar. QDP80 / QMB 500 is designed to be user-friendly and easy to maintain. It features a non-lubricated rotary vane mechanism that is highly efficient and requires minimal maintenance. The included, built-in silencer and flexible air inlets ensure that operation is quiet and efficient. Other features such as an on/off switch and a simple manual control allows the user to easily adjust speed and pressure settings. EDWARDS QDP80 / QMB 500 is one of the most reliable and versatile vacuum pumps on the market. It is perfect for use in a wide variety of industrial applications where consistent, high-performance vacuum is required. Its robust construction and advanced features make it a reliable choice for many years of service, while the ease of maintenance ensures it is hassle-free to use.
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