Used EDWARDS QDP80 / QMB500 #9096615 for sale

QDP80 / QMB500
ID: 9096615
Pump Part No: Variable depending on set up required. Pumping speed: 505 CMH Ultimate Vacuum: 3 x 10-3 m/bar Inlet flange: ISO100 Outlet flange: KF40 Cooling: Water Voltage: 208 x 415 V Motor Power: 6.2 Kw Accessories Available: can be frame mounted or directly mounted.
EDWARDS QDP80 / QMB500 is a dual stage dryScroll vacuum pump designed to provide reliable operation for a variety of applications. It features a two-stage, low noise and vibration design for quiet and dependable operation, making it an ideal choice for laboratory applications. EDWARDS QDP80/QMB500 offers superior performance in a small size, giving it an advantage over traditional two-stage vacuum pumps. QDP80+QMB500 features an ion getter-style design, which allows it to efficiently remove both gases and particulates. This dual-stage dryScroll pump is designed to work with both vacuum and inert systems. Its simple oil-less design ensures that the oil remains uncontaminated and can be reused. Additionally, its low power consumption enables cost-savings. QDP80/QMB500 includes an integrated controller with diagnostic features, providing consistent and reliable performance. This controller and its easy to use interface allow users to set and monitor performance parameters, as well as access data collection. This data collection is essential for optimizing system performance, and providing a better user experience. EDWARDS QDP80 / QMB500 can be used in a variety of laboratory processes such as distillation, evaporation, and filtration. It is well-suited for use in medical laboratories, research labs, industrial processes, and many other applications. It's also equipped with a range of accessories, making it easy to integrate into existing systems. EDWARDS QDP 80 / QMB 500 offers a reliable and efficient operating solution for a variety of applications. Its low-energy design, and easy access data collection make it an ideal choice for laboratories and research laboratories. Additionally, its compact size and precise operating parameters are perfect for medical laboratories, industrial processes, and many other applications. QDP80 / QMB 500 is a dryScroll vacuum pump that offers reliable performance for laboratory processes and industrial applications. It provides superior cost-savings, quiet operation, and dependable operation.
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