Used EDWARDS QDP80 #142686 for sale

ID: 142686
Dry pump.
EDWARDS QDP80 is a sizable rotary vane pump designed for efficient performance and quality operation. This robust vacuum pump has a free-air capacity of 33 cubic meters per hour and can operate a maximum of 86 mbar with a motor speed reaching 2800rpm. It offers a high-tech, dependable and effective solution for pumping applications including degassing, freeze drying and general laboratory work. EDWARDS QDP-80 is constructed in an oil-sealed design that offers remarkable performance and maximum reliability. Its 80 liter capacity offers greater flow rate in comparison to other similar rotary vane pumps, effectively drawing waste and extracted materials based on the seal design. The vacuum level is adjustable, making it customizable for a variety of applications. The optimized dimensions ensure a supremely long service life, reducing downtime for maintenance or repairs drastically. Moreover, the motor drive is designed to accommodate a voltage range from 220 - 240 V and its operational noise level is just 68dB(A), kept as low as possible due to its dynamically balanced rotor design and dampening acting materials. This also significantly lowers the amount of vibration experienced from the pump during operation. QDP 80 is also outfitted with an oil-level indicator and an oil-separating filter for easy maintenance. The optimized design ensures lesser fouling of the valves, providing reliable operation and improved lubrication of the interior mechanisms. Moreover, the feature of the innovative oil management optimizes oil temperature and flows to reduce oil consumption, saving on cost over the entire lifetime of the pump. In conclusion, EDWARDS QDP 80 is a feature-rich, powerful and reliable rotary vane pump, built with an expertly engineered design that provides superior vacuum and versatile functionality. It is an ideal choice for various pumping projects with its large capacity, improved lubrication, useful oil management capabilities and other useful features.
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