Used EDWARDS QDP80 #145979 for sale

ID: 145979
Dry pumps, 53.7 CFM.
EDWARDS QDP80 pump is a versatile and reliable two-stage rotary vane pump designed to provide superior performance in a wide range of applications. This rugged and compact pump offers dependable performance, low vibration, and low sound levels and is ideal for both laboratory and industrial applications. EDWARDS QDP-80 is capable of producing superior ultimate vacuum performance and offers a variety of speed and capacity ranges to meet the ever-changing needs of a wide range of industries. The heavy-duty construction, combined with the use of advanced materials and technologies, ensure a reliable and efficient performance. The pump features superior ultimate vacuum performance and quiet, low vibration operation. QDP 80 has a completely sealed design and utilizes a single film dynamic vane pump, allowing the effective compression of gases. The heavy-duty construction ensures optimal performance and reliability. The pump offers a variety of operating speeds, depending on the requirements of the application, and is capable of producing ultimate vacuum performance as low as 0.068 mbar. QDP-80 has an efficient, high-speed direct-drive motor, offering a wide range of capacity options. The pump has a large 7-inch diameter liquid ring for superior vapor handling capability and can handle both wet and dry condensable gases with improved performance. Additionally, EDWARDS QDP 80 utilizes advanced materials and technologies such as non-metallic compression plate with aluminum alloy backing plate construction, internal seal ring, lapped linear bearings, and superior vanes for sustained efficiency and high performance. QDP80 offers a range of accessories such as monitoring devices and controllers to optimize performance and ensure total control over the pump. The anti-vibration rubber feet and mounting holes offer flexibility in installations, allowing for maximum space efficiency and easy access for maintenance. Its impact-resistant, corrosion-resistant casing helps to provide a long lifespan. EDWARDS QDP80 offers an extensive range of options and configurations and can be easily integrated into existing systems without any complicated modifications.
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